This is the emotionally charged story of JP McGrath, a young cowboy who at sixteen finds himself working on the Tobin Ranch east of El Paso. JP has been forced to grow up fast, life has been hard, but his biggest test is yet to come. On a night out drinking with friends, a chain of events is set in motion as violent as it is unstoppable.


If you’ve ever had one of those reads when you were sorry to see the last page, but felt perfectly satisfied with the ending, you know how I felt after reading There is No Otherwise by Ardin Lalui. And I don’t generally read Westerns.

Lalui creates, in a very short space, a story that is at once lyrical and poignantly real. He shows us a place in which we are immediately at home and yet inescapably sure that anything might happen, and probably will. Without hitting a single false note, Lalui has created a jewel of a story so honest and moving that I cannot wait to delve into this world again.

Author bio

Ardin Lalui was born in Ireland in 1981. He later lived in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and Canada. He received a law degree from the University of Aberdeen but gave up the law to live a life of adventure. He has been writing since 2007 and published his first story on Amazon Kindle in 2012. His biggest influences are Cormac McCarthy and the lyrics of Tom Waits.

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