girl on the beachEverything is a matter of perspective. The vantage point from which one views a thing can change our perception completely, and usually does. I am finding that especially true in this year of change and transition, but I realize now, from this perspective, that it has been true all my life, and most likely all of yours as well. I hope you will enjoy my Perspective, and comment to share some of yours.



Look back over your shoulder,

See her standing on the farther shore

Slender hearted, a mirror in her hand

Wild eyed possibilities dance around her feet,

Around her wrist a bracelet of the nearly loved.

The radio invites you to join the surfin’ safari,

Located at the Hotel California where you’ll be

Reunited with an ocean of those devoted to you.

She is so young.

She can only see five minutes into the future and

Every decision is major,

Every disappointment monumental.

Look back over your shoulder,

At the used to be and smile,

The roots of her are with you still,

Though the tree has grown and you

Are her and more than her,

Older, deeper, with a heart no longer

Slender and the mirror turned outward

And the bracelet put away.

Facing the same quick sight with calm

Eyes that see farther, and a heart

That still seeks with a steadier beat.


2 thoughts on “A Rag of Perspective

  1. “a heart/ that still seeks with a steadier beat” – that says it all. Looking back at all the people I have been, I’m embarrassed by most of them ( did I really do that ?) and yet proud of others. It’s the paradox of life, isn’t it ?

    If only the young knew.
    If only the old could.

    This is a smashing piece of writing and you should be massively proud of it.


    1. I’m right there with you. Some of the things I’ve done still make me cringe, others make me laugh and there are a number of things I’m proud of. But I have changed, I hope for the better, as I’ve aged. I think everyone must change with time. Thank you for the kind words!


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