A few weeks ago, The Brass Rag traveled to Altamonte Springs for the Florida Writers Association mini-conference. It’s like the big conference in October, but…mini.

We learned some interesting things. 

1. Poetry is great and there are no rules. Also, don’t attend poetry workshops if you want concrete advice. Poets are an ethereal, flighty people. Also also, if poetry isn’t really your thing and you’re only attending the workshop because you have to right tone poem for one part of one boom you’re working on, you may be better off googling, because the workshop leader is going to read some weird stuff and you’re going to feel like an uncultured swine because you don’t get it.

2. Epublishing makes you rich! If you’re good at it. And smart about it. And can use social media effectively. And don’t publish anything until your gazillion th draft. And, you know,  write….good.

3. Tagging as it relates to volume = fine. Tagging related to emotion = Nope. So, “shouted” is good, but “declared” is not cool,dude. 

She exclaimed.

4. Cover design. It’s important. 

5. Never stop learning. Ever. No matter how many books you publish, how many words you write, at the end of the day, there is always more to learn, always edges to be polished. So find a conference. Find a class. Find a critique group. Learn. Fail. Succeed. Be better.


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