We added a new feature to the Rag about three hours ago. Do you see it?

There it is! Yes, we now have an officially official REVIEW POLICY. DUN DUN DUN!!

Basically, we realized that we were reading a lot of Dean Koontz and Francine Rivers and other big names who, let’s be honest, don’t need our help. 

Who does need the help? Indie authors. Authors who wrote a book, edited it, and uploaded it to the Kindle marketplace (or wherever), bypassing the agent and the publishing house and everything else that makes traditional publishing a pain in the behind. The upside to this is that you can get your book out there pretty quickly. The downside is that you don’t have a pubishing house marketing department sending your book to Oprah. You could send your book to Oprah, but for reals, she’s way too hip to be dealing with small potatoes like us. 

Its the same concept as shopping local. We’re the little guys here at TBR. We get the struggle to put your work out there and get anyone to take notice. So we want to help people take notice. You worked hard on your novel. You deserve to have it given a chance. 

So here we are. If you published your book all on your lonesome, we want to review it. We promise honest reviews (eeekkk…that’s nerve wracking, isn’t it?), and we really, truly do want to see your stuff. Indie authors are changing the world of publishing, and we want to celebrate that and help push it forward. 


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