Because I’ve been reading through science fiction staples, I’ve delved (a bit) into the expanded Star Wars universe. And let me just say this:

Oh. My. Stars.

You see what I did there?

I can’t decide on the Expanded Universe, I truly can’t. On the one hand, I love Star Wars, and I really m one of those people who wants to hear the “rest” of the story. I use air quotes because well adjusted people know there is no “rest of the story” because these people are not, in fact, real.

Despite that. I can’t quite get past the fact that what I’m reading, essentially, is every fan boy’s dream: getting paid to write fan fiction. Because that’s what it is. I mean, really. Is it good fan fiction? Sure, I guess so. But still. Spades are spades, and fan fiction is fan fiction, even when it’s hard bound and stamped with the Geogre Lucas seal of approval,

I enjoyed the books (The Thrawn Trilogy, The Courtship of Princess Leia, and I, Jedi. I’m not linking them. I’m on my Ipad. You’re lucky this is even in English), but I still got a bit giggly, because the whole expanded universe concept still strikes me as a bit absurd.

I’m pressing forward though. Needing some new sci-if to read. More spaceships, please.



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