sunsetToday’s Rag is brought to you a bit late due to a perfect storm. Not the rainy kind ala Clooney and the gang, but a gathering of circumstances that worked together to cloud my memory and thereby delay my post. 

First, yesterday was an epic planning day. All the erasers aligned to provide nine hours of nearly uninterrupted lesson preparation. It was a marathon, but the entire month of April is mapped out and the materials gathered. Felt a little like Rocky on top of those steps. That is, until I looked at the clock and realized a) how late it was (4:00 pm) and b) that due to the weather and the day of the week, traffic was probably already building into a frenzy. Time to go.

Got home and was presented with the dilemma of where to go for dinner. Challenge overcome at Taps, our local burger joint. After great service and a truly delicious burger coupled with some mediocre fries, we were on our way back home. Then I got on Facebook and discovered that a good friend had lost her battle with cancer. At that point pretty much everything came to a halt. 

I will miss my friend, but I take comfort in two things. She didn’t waste her time here on Earth but spent it investing deeply in the things she cared about; her family, her friends and young people. She touched so many lives in such a beautiful way that there will be many tears shed over her departure. She is a passionate, beautiful woman who left a vast legacy of love and hope behind her in this world.  And, I will see her again someday. Her faith has already lit the way home for her to a habitation of joyful and pain-free eternal life. Can’t be sad about that. It would be selfish.

Sherrie was my daughter’s Sunday School teacher in high school and I called Rai to make sure she was ok. She was taking comfort in the same facts I was thinking of, and talking with her reminded me of the doTerra essential oils class she was having that night. So I went to the class and learned a lot (ironically enough) about the ability of essential oils to promote health and prevent disease. It was a great class but it was 9:30 by the time I got home and any chance that I would remember, much less have the energy, to post was lost completely in the wash of triumph, sadness, and learning that was my day.

Life and time are strange and wonderful animals, and I hope I won’t be judged too harshly for not being able to tame them properly yesterday.Time and events are, despite our most delusional wishes to the contrary, not in our hands to control. It is therefore vital that we be gentle with ourselves and others, no matter what life hands us or time takes away.  It took me nearly fifty years to learn this lesson, even imperfectly, but I keep trying. I hope you will learn it easier and faster. As always, happy writing.


2 thoughts on “Late Rag

  1. Losing a friend is always hard. I believe that something of them remains with you, though- something more than memory too. This year I lost a friend from college days- a friendship that lasted for fifty years, and yet, in a way I can’t explain, a friendship that continues.


    1. Thank you. I believe you are right. There is grief in the loss, but healing in knowing that this goodbye is not forever. I’m glad that we can still have that connection with those we love.


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