I wrote something yesterday. Doesn’t really matter what. Just a piece of my novel, like I try to do every day.

Anyway, I was writing merrily along, when I realized something. I was bored. Not with writing itself, but with what I was writing. The passage I was working on had me going into yawny spasms.

The lesson here is this: The way you feel about your work is probably how your audience is going to feel, except that if the way you feel is negative, their feelings are going to be negasaurous rex.

Make your work something you care about. If you’re writing and finding yourself hating a character for all the wrong reasons (there are right reasons to hate a character. Please see Dolores Umbridge), or your wind is wandering because your own dialogue isn’t holding your attention, chances are, you’re right. Change it. Scrap it. Revise. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Trust your instincts as a writer. If your first instinct is “I need to get rid of this character/subplot/whatever.”, do it. No one knows your work better than you. You know this world. You know what the characters would and wouldn’t say. You know how they react to the environment and each other. Trust that. And use it to build a great story.


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