Lady Pirate
Lady Pirate whose name I did not catch.

Cultural fairs and festivals are a great place to pick up background information and atmosphere for my writing. I get to talk to people with a passion for a particular culture and, quite often, I get a taste of authentic cuisine.  Even if the festival is more “fun” than “culture,” I still get to people watch and have a great time doing it, both of benefit to a writer. The St Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival was no exception and I am hoping to make it an annual event.

The festival takes place in March each year, possibly to coincide somewhat with St. Patrick’s day. As one might expect in regards to anything associated with the Celts, the Festival is far from dry. Rather it is a rollicking celebration of all things Celtic and a few things only marginally Celtic. Pirates and “Kiss Me, I’m (you provide the national flavor)” t-shirts abound with impromptu pubs setting up right beside gifted artisans of several stripes. This year, there was even a pirate ship. PirateShip

The best thing about the festival though, was the music. Between the pipes and the bards, it was wonderful and did the Celt in me good to hear it all.

A new soapstone box for my collection. Love the carved detail! Also, check the awesome “Tree of Life” design on the jewelry. Thanks Melodye!

The festival is a small one and it didn’t take long to wander through, but you can bet I did my fair of shopping and enjoyed talking with the various merchants. Even Vic enjoyed it, and he’s Spanish. All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next year. What kind of festivals have you been to, and what drew you to them?


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