My computer battery finally quit on me, which means here I am, blogging from my Ipad. So, you know. Sorry.

Have you ever had one of those experiences where God (or the universe or the great spaghetti monster or whatever) seems like he’s trying to really get a point across? Like, there’s this message or phrase or idea you just can’t seem to get away from. You’ll be talking to someone, and they’ll bring it up, or you’ll be on Facebook/Tumblr/YouTube/Whatever you kids are into these days, and there it will be, posted by people you don’t even know? Every commercial, every magazine article, every everything, seems to be pointing back to a single idea?

Yup. That’s me. This week. The two final pieces of the pie were this video: (can’t figure out how to hyperlink on iPad. Grrrr)

And this article:

Can you guess the underlying message?

Change is scary, especially when you’re a mother who has to support her child and the wife of another artist (this one a musician) who is also pursuing the dream of making a living out of his craft.

Am I going to quit my job? Not yet, but someday soon, I hope.

Do I have a plan? Ish.

Does it include going back to school? Not at this point.

Am I scared? Um, yea. The world of freelance writing is not exactly smooth sailing.

So here’s to a new adventure while still part of the old, finding a way to fit writing as a career into teaching and mothering and wifing as a career.



One thought on “Quitting Rag

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was a teacher for 30 years. The first. 20 were wonderful, the last 10 were hell. I agonised myself into a breakdown and the decision was made for me. It’s taken a while, but now I have a couple of joblets and my wife tells me I’m a much nicer person. There is a life outside the classroom.


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