boogiewoogieI’m feeling pretty spiffy right about now. I might even have done a sweet boogie woogie shuffle on my way to the shower tonight.


Because I just got one of the two things I always wanted that I don’t already have.

I am now, officially, a professional editor! I get to help other authors. I get to work with really cool people (ok, I already had that one, but these are AUTHORS!) and…. Best of all… I will be getting PAID to READ!

So, the details: I just signed with Zebra Communications and FWA‘s Editors Helping Writers. Bobbie Christmas runs both and is, as they say, “the bomb.”

When I was a kid, my Dad told me that I could do anything I set my heart on and worked hard enough for. I feel like I just proved him right.

What’s that? The other thing I wanted that I don’t already have?

You know me well enough by now… Guess.


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