I did not write my review of Ender’s Game on Monday, and you very nearly didn’t get a post today. There’s been a lot of illness at our house. First Munch, all fevers and sad, and now my husband and I.

Incidentally, do you know what is worse than two parents of a healthy toddler, both feelng like death? NOTHING.

Except blogging with an IPad. It sucks, folks.

anyway, just wanted to let you know why I have been MIA, and to assure you that, as soon as it doesn’t hurt to move, I’ll be back with the regularly scheduled programming. Love you lots, wonderful readers!


2 thoughts on “So, I’m sorry Rag

  1. Gosh did your post bring back some memories! My kids are a little older now but my eldest, now 11, was home sick on Friday. Nothing you can do but wait it out. I was constantly sick when my kids were toddlers with all the bugs they picked up and kindly shared with me. I feel for you – it gets easier!


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