Sitting here on Friday evening trying to figure out how to discuss the ways in which my life has changed over the years. From young wife to grandmother and all the stages in between. This isn’t a complete itinerary, but then, I have to consider the fact that the journey isn’t finished yet.


Started with a


Gentle but firm,


“Damn glad to meet you.”

As if you had been waiting

But not impatient,

A divinely arranged marriage,

Little girls, two

Military transfers, many

Arguments, multiple

Lessons learned, invaluable

Stay at home, working Mom

Struggles, between us,

Between them

Between the world’s myopia and our vision

Adaptations, by me, for me, from you

Changes, in you, in me, between us

Supported by faith,

Made possible by that foundation

Inevitable but not cruel,

Ordained by Him to love them,

To love you,

To be me

Whatever the world might desire.


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