I always wondered what people were talking about when they refer to their “process”.

It seemed very ethereal and hippie-ish.

“Yes, when I wish to write, I take my six eagle feather quills and my fine Bavarian parchment, go to my enchanted forest glade and allow the muses to flow through me.”

I don’t know that anyone has actually ever said that, but still. People talk about their “process”, and I’m lost. I’m even more lost when they ask me about mine.

“Um…I open my laptop? And type on it? About what comes after the last thing I wrote?”

There should probably also be something about “as quietly as possible because OMGTHEBABYISASLEEP”

I guess it’s deeper than that sometimes. I write in a linear fashion (as in I write my novels beginning to end with very little skipping around), I don’t outline, but I do sometimes jot down notes as inspiration hits.

But I guess what really matters is finding a process that work for you. Mine has to be a little loose, because even though I do my best work at 10AM, Munch is in prime playtime mode at that hour, so I break my own process and write at night. Some people need tight structure or they never get any writing done. It all just depends on you.

So what is your process? Forest Glade? or slightly frazzled write-when-you-can?


5 thoughts on “Process Block

  1. Er… process? I write when I write. I wasn’t aware there was any other way. I like to have a diet Coke handy…. Oh, and I sometimes put on a very disreputable beige cardigan, does that count? It sits on the back of my (writing) chair, so it’s handy. And it’s too awful to wear where anyone might see it, so I’m not sure it does count. I find I write best when I have a computer in front of me or a pen in my hand. Other than that, nope. No process.


    1. I start with a first line, and chew it over for a few days- and then I sit down and play around with it- make it the third line- scrap it altogether and come up with something new. And I love it because- sometimes- when you’re at the end of your tether and about to throw in the towel- sometimes you write the last line that fits so well, you jump up and down and frighten the dog.

      Fountain pen, by the way- black ink- medium lined pad- nice music playing- Bach cello concertos for choice.


      1. Sounds like a solid plan.

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s picky about my writing tool. I’m so picky about pens, the thickness of the pad I use…I thought I was crazy, but it seems I’m in good company.


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