It’s been a good week for in in the writing department. Several chapters of my novel have come together beautifully, I’ve forced myself to make the time to write, which is my biggest challenge anyway. AND…I’ve written the first draft of a short story that I didn’t even know was in my head until yesterday in the middle of work.

I’m lucky it was naptime for my kiddos, honestly, because I was able to grab some coloring paper and start jotting down the ideas that were pouring out of my head.

It’s such a gratifying feeling to come out of a long bout of writer’s block, brimming with new ideas, fresh stories and recharged motivation. When I’m in the middle of a long stage of writer’s block, I am constantly second-guessing not just my desire, but my ability to be a writer. I go to a pretty dark place career-wise, convinced that it will never happen for me.

And then.

I get to a point where I realize the only thing holding me back is me. An maybe the little baby climbing across my keyboard.

But mostly it’s me.

So  I make the time, and I use this guy as my screensaver:


Yes, Doctor.

PS: If anyone can find the original tumblr for this picture, please let me know so I can credit it.

PPS: I’m going to submit my short story to Running Out of Ink, but if they don’t pick it up, I’ll post it here.



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