I’m really not going o have any delusions about this post. My shoulders are above my ears at this point and I’m typing on my IPad, which is super nifty, but has famous Apple autocorrect, so who really knows what we’ll end up with.

There are a lot of frustrations in a writer’s life, and sometimes I think those frustrations are ten-fold when you are a twenty-something wife and mother who works a 40 hour a week job outside the home.

AKA me.

I’m running constantly, trying to keep up with the demands of my tiny daughter, the needs of my marriage, and the shouting of my ever growing laundry pile. In between all of that, I teach. And in between all of THAT, I have stories and stories and stories running through my head. Stories I’ve started, like Catalyst and Amnesty Waits. Stories I want to write like Ashes and Follyamorous. Even a few stories that haven’t even jumped from brain to pen yet, like the one about zombies that igenii us, but will never be written, because they’re so far down the list.

I’m still tapped on writing advice, folks. All I know is that I’d better write something soon, or I’m going to go crazy. It loud in my head with all this going on.

Also, see if I ever blog from you again, IPad. Seriously, you are terrible at this.


One thought on “Frustration Block

  1. Hang in there, Balancing motherhood, work and your twenties along with writing is completly overwhelming. And I’d advise using the iPad to help with all of the first 3, but definitely not the last.


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