goal puzzle manTonight, I have nothing to say. This is, as anyone who knows me will gladly tell you, unprecedented. I always have something to say. It might not be useful, or logical, or even coherent, but I can always dredge up some words somewhere. But not tonight. Why is that?

Well, about half an hour ago I fulfilled a portion of one of my two writing goals (No, not resolutions. I hate those, I always break them. Goals are cushier. They give you room to breath without failing) for 2013. This goal was to query five agents by the end of the first week in January. I queried two this evening so I am nearly half way there. (Ok, fine, 2/5) And I have two days left if you’re only counting business days. But here’s the thing…when I hit send, my first reaction was to mutter, “oh, crap.” Both times.

What does that say about this endeavor? Is it an omen? Is it a premonition? And if so, is it a good one or a bad one? I have no idea. Hence, nothing to say.

And yet…

I’m glad I did it. Whether I’m rewarded with a “Yea”, or crushed by a “Nay,” I’ve moved a step forward and I cannot help but think that’s a good thing. What are your goals for 2013? I wish you whatever stamina and endurance you need to reach them. Pen out, butt in chair, and Happy Writing.


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