marlboromaryjaneDid you hear the news? Washington State has legalized the smoking of marijuana. Mind you, it is still illegal to grow or sell weed, and you can’t toke up in public, but in the privacy of your own home you can smoke a joint anytime you want, without legal consequences. At least, you can so long as the Feds don’t take an interest in your recreational habits, because MaryJane is still illegal on the national level.

There is a lot of talk about a national “tipping point” as states like Rhode Island and Maine introduce bills which would legalize marijuana. At least four other states are talking about the possibilities. One of the most persuasive arguments for legalization is the revenue source ganja might become in states where it is legal. It has also been repeatedly pointed out that there are no studies which show reefer to be more harmful than either alcohol or tobacco, both of which are legal in all fifty states. Other studies suggest that marijuana has medical benefits, most notably to cancer patients for whom chemotherapy makes nausea and the attendant severe weight loss a health risk.

So, I have a couple of questions:

  1. What do you think? Should Mary Jane “come out of the dark” so to speak, or should she remain on the shady side of the street, skulking in the shadows?
  2. Do you think there really is a “tipping point”? How likely is it that legalization will go national in the near future?
  3. Given the fact that marijuana is an untaxed, multimillion dollar industry benefiting only the drug dealers and the cartels at the moment, completely unregulated by the FDA or any other agency to guarantee purity and processing standards, who do you think is really behind the desire to keep it illegal?
  4. How many pseudonyms does this girl have any way? Did I miss any?

Looking forward to your comments. Meanwhile, happy writing.


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