Sacreligious. I’m good at it.


I’m done with Dune. I finished it. After MONTHS, I turned the last page yesterday and breathed a mixed sigh of “It’s Over!!” and “It’s OVER?!”

I’ll have a review soon. A good one. With pictures.

For now, here’s a few things I’m loving:

Downton Abbey.


Just watched the first two episodes. Even a snarky old lady, Dame Maggie Smith is a delight.

Breaking Dawn.


Saw it tonight. I give the first 3/4 a solid C+ and the final twenty minutes an OMGMINDBLOWNWAITDIDJOSSWHEDONDIRECTTHISWHATISHAPPENING

This song. I could do without the little Twilight clips in it, but *sigh*

I’m trying to passive aggressively convince my best friend to let me sing it at her wedding because it gives me chills.

So that’s the week in a nutshell. See youse in December.


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