Four times a year our school gives out progress reports. This is a list of the student’s current grades, a way of showing their accomplishments to date in the school year. Having been voluntarily undergoing a sort of test here on The Brass Rag, I thought maybe it was time for a progress report of our own.

It is the end of November and here we are in the last two days of our first shot at NaBloPoMo. I have to say, we’ve done pretty well. Out of the past 29 days, we have only missed posting on two. Some would say we’ve failed the contest. I prefer to see it as a valiant first effort. And we’ve succeeded in our two main goals:

1) We’ve had more guest posts this month than ever before and

2) (though I can’t be certain that this is related) we’ve increased our readership by ten new followers.

We’ve also had more comments and likes than ever before and getting to interact with more of you was the best part of the experience. So thanks, and, as always, Happy Writing!



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