As I’ve mentioned before, it is the silly season. And what comes with the silly season? No, besides open wallets and commercial burn out. That’s RIGHT! Travel plans. In my never ending effort to help you find websites helpful, or at least amusing, to you, I ran across these.

The Universal Packing List. This offers good general guidelines for how to prepare and what to take along based on the length of your trip and a fair idea of your destination. It has some thoughtful additions, but don’t let it replace your common sense and personal experience.

As any reader knows, traveling without a book is down right dangerous. Boredom so often leads to rash decisions, which can lead to close encounters of the illegal kind. For those of us who would like to stay on the right side of the law, but sometimes run out of ideas for reading material, I offer this clever site. Its divided by genre!

Those are my pics. Have fun and don’t bring anything back you didn’t pay for. You might want to leave a few things behind that you did pay for as well. Those customs agents can be cranky.


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