It’s a short one today. Don’t worry, the full review is coming.

Do you know what I am almost finished with? Do you?


I finally picked it back up and have been racing through it, trying hard to keep up with all the espionage and subterfuge going on. This book was written for people way smarter than me.

That said, I am still loving it. Its rare to find a pretend world that is so vast and vivid. There is a perpetual feeling that if you stepped to the side just a bit, there would be an actual life going on in Herbert’s universe. Like, there would be a guy named Charlie, herding his Space Baggaloes on some other planet that totally exists, because Frank Herbert is a magician.

This is a Buggalo. Those people are not Charlie.

I really hope that analogy made sense. I have a sneaking suspicion it didn’t.

The point is, it feels real, man.

I’m loving the subtle love story between Paul and Chani, I’m intrigued by Alia and by all the new Spice powers being revealed. The worm riding, the referencing of the worms as “makers”, the detestable Baron. All of it is just thrilling me. THRILLING.

I’m within 150 pages of the end, so hold tight. The real review, the good one, is on its way. I promise this time.



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