This is not me. Nor is it Alena.

So, another blogger I admire, Alena, does something on Wednesdays that I think is pretty cool, and I wanted to share it with you here.

It’s called, W…W…W… And it stands for – what did you read last, what are you reading now and what are you likely to read next. It’s a group participation thing. I’ll show you my list and you show me yours. So, here’s my list:

What I read last: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. I read it because I will be teaching it this year, and I thought I had better get a head start. Not surprisingly, it was a good read. I did have a little difficulty at first, getting past the dialect, but once I got used to it the story was engaging and surprisingly universal. Hurston has a way of getting to the heart of issues and events without ever stating them in bold type. Instead she shows the human side of things, and in this case, the feminine side. The book has a strong female lead with an interesting supporting cast. Well worth the read.

What I’m reading now: Saint by Ted Dekker. I’ve heard Dekker is an excellent author with a unique twist and I’ve wanted to read him for a long time. So far I’m only a couple of chapters in, but it’s keeping my attention. I did find the first chapter a bit awkward and stretched in the plausibility department, but I have been able to buy in a little more now and am interested enough to find out what happens next. I’ll do a full review once I finish it.

What I plan to read next: Bluff by Lenore Skomal. I’m reading this one for the next Novel Publicity blog tour, but I’ve sneaked a peak at the first chapter and I think I would have wanted to read it anyway, even if I just came across it at Barnes and Noble. It has an interesting twist, one I haven’t seen before and what I’ve seen of the writing so far is good. I’ll be doing a full review on December 18th.

And so, I’ve done my part. What’s on your list?


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