Frazzled Kitteh

Thursday I blogged a pitiful excuse for a post because, and I admit it freely, I was exhausted. To any of you who were waiting breathlessly for an insightful, bitingly satirical post, or just one in my usual style – I apologize.  It had been a challenging day. A good day, mind you, but a challenging one. I had no bite left.

I start the day as usual, rising before the sun (he is so lazy lately, have you noticed?) and gulping down my mandatory brain starter – high test coffee. After preparing myself for work, (no kidding, it takes a lot more effort than one might think) I head out the door. After avoiding three sideswipes and two red lights, I arrive at school early enough to grade a class of papers, answer several emails and put the finishing touches on the informational packets for that night’s Coketail party. Yes, you read that right; “Coketail Party.” That’s our opening informational meeting for Junior girls who want to compete in the Miss Our Specific High School pageant. But we aren’t there yet.

Next I teach two classes, which brings me to my planning period. You know, that 90 minute “break” they give us? During my “break” I succeed in eating lunch, grading another three inch sheaf of papers, plan three lessons, research two more and a partridge…no – too early.  Then I teach another class. By now it is 1:45; time to grade more papers, tutor two students, make an appointment with a third for a future session, call one parent and answer more emails.

Now it’s 2:40 and I’m in the “POD” (the room where we will hold the Coketail Party) decorating. Rearrange the furniture, bring in tables, cover them with table cloths, and get out the decorations. One of my committee members arrives and we head to the store to pick up the food, stopping by her house to get her camera, because I forgot mine. Grab dinner, back to the school to finish decorating. More committee members arrive and the rest of the decorations go up. Start the music.

6:00 pm and the fun begins. Girls and their parents arrive and sign in. Finger foods are served. People are talking and seem to be enjoying themselves. Whew! The reigning Miss OSHS gives a lovely speech and I give a less lovely rundown of the requirements for contestants. By 7:15 it’s all over but the shouting (just an expression, no one is shouting, we are too tired) and most of the people are on their way home. By 7:30 we are cleaning up.

Take down all the decorations, reapportion the leftover food, put the furniture back. Wipe down the tables, put away my laptop that I forgot to shut down earlier, lock it up and GO HOME.

So, for some reason, by the end of that day, I was biteless. Now my bite is back, but I’m not sure what to chew on. Any ideas?


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