If you don’t vote, you’ve no right to complain. And that’s no fun at all.

No matter who wins, my favorite thing about this week is that the election will be OVER. Sadly, Congress probably won’t stop sniping at each other, pointing fingers and laying blame. So, a few words to the incoming legislators from one of their more frustrated constituents:

  1. Stop bashing the other party; we are no longer impressed by invective. So, watch your words; offending someone is no way to get them to cooperate, or even listen to your side, which is a huge part of your job.
  2. Cease the “my ball, my rules” mentality. Its a really big ball and you can’t play by yourself. Working together is much more fun and will probably result in a lot more goals anyway. And its your JOB.
  3. Remember that we share more than our nationality. Your constituents all want basically the same thing, namely life, liberty and the ability to pursue the hell heck out of happiness. Your JOB is not to “win” against the other party. It is to provide the means for all Americans to get back to the pursuit with a reasonable chance of success.
  4. Remember that we are stronger together than separately. Depending on one another got us to the moon and back; it can certainly find a way to lower the national debt and fix the health care system. Cooperating for the greater good is your freaking JOB.
  5. And last of all; stop fighting. I mean it or We the People are likely to get really pissed off upset and fire the lot of you. At which point you too, will be out of a JOB.

Happy election day folks. Vote well and…what? The polls are closed? Thank God.



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