I realize I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d only just started it. Here’s the real take.

I love short stories. They are like bite size nuggets of literary chocolate, some sweet, some dark, some spiced with peppermint bark, but all perfect for the five or ten minutes you have to wait for a friend in the coffee shop or the fifteen (ahem, thirty, forty five, whatever, you can always read more than one if you have an anthology) minute lag time at the doctor’s office.

Most recently I’ve been reading “My Wheels,” the FWA’s annual collection for 2012. All the stories are good, some are excellent, and a few are absolutely brilliant:

Jack and Bertie Get Married by Philip Levin   A pair of lovebirds refuses to let anyone or anything get in the way of wedded bliss.

Left Rear Tire John J. White  A photo-journalist proves that professionalism and compassion are not mutually exclusive.

The Unopened Gift by Louis Emond  A bittersweet look at devotion, compassion and loss.

Wheels of War by Holly Lodinger Mandelkern A biographic snapshot from WWII

I’m No Sir. by Mark McWaters  What is the true definition of the word, “gentleman.” This story has an answer, even if the narrator would not agree.

Race Day by Elizabeth Nebergall  Sometimes hope and courage are the only things required for victory.

The Broken Toy by Robin Thomas  One of the saddest ghost stories I have ever read.

Next year’s theme is “It’s a Crime.” I’m in. How about you?

(Disclaimer: I posted links to the authors where I could find them. Unfortunately most of them didn’t have websites listed in the short bios provided in the anthology. If any of the authors would like me to include a link, please let me know and I’ll update.)


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