I love weddings.

They are quite literally at the top of my list of favorite things, somewhere between cello music and new book smell.

This is me at a wedding yesterday.

I am not the adorable redhead

I was a bridesmaid yesterday for an amazing woman who has been one of my best friends for several years.

Her wedding was everything a wedding should be, and everything that is good about weddings.


There is a feeling of overwhelming love and affection that permeates weddings. When they say their vows, it’s almost impossible for me not to look at the Hubs and remember every reason I love him, our wedding day and how far we have come. I may or may not have wept. Twice.


We don’t dance enough as a culture, I feel. Dancing is pure, unadulterated celebration, and it is possibly the most fun thing you can do that isn’t illegal. It’s one of the few activities where it is acceptable to look like an idiot (which I always do while dancing) corporately. In case you didn’t know, I am actually an amazing dancer. I was told so last night, in the form of the following:

“You know, drunk Rai is a lot like sober Rai, except that drunk Rai has awesome dance moves”

It’s true


I grew up Southern Baptist. Which means I uttered the following a LOT:

“I don’t need to drink to have fun!”


Here’s the thing about that.

I DON’T need to drink to have a good time.

But I don’t need to ride roller coasters to have a good time either. That doesn’t negate the fact that roller coasters and free booze are both as fun as a barrel of monkeys.

Which is a lot of fun. I can see how a barrel of monkeys could go both ways.

I drank copiously (read: 2 drinks. Super lightweight) and had that glorious fuzzy feeling going for the entire wedding. I may or may not have announced my state of inebriation to everyone in lieu of an actual introduction when I met them.

Weddings are awesome. You should have one. And you should invite me.


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