So day two has arrived And with it Rag day. Rai is away at a wedding and hasn’t had a chance to post today, so I’m up.

The election is drawing to a close and I can’t manage to feel anything but grateful. No matter who wins we have a long road ahead of us, deeply rutted and in need of repair. It will take all of us putting aside our differences and working together to fix the problems this country faces and I have to wonder if we are up for the challenge.

And yet…

Hurricane Sandy took a mean spirited swipe at the East Coast and it has been heartening to see the numbers of people turning out to help one another. Some are providing food, others are assisting with the clean-up. Still others are checking on their neighbors and helping out in whatever way they can.

We would do well to remember that our political opponents are still our neighbors, the people we would, without hesitation, reach out to in an emergency. We shouldn’t wait until flood waters are lapping at our porch to act with understanding, kindness and compassion, not to mention respect for each other’s differences.


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