I was supposed to post Wednesday. And then, you know, busy happened.

I’m Super-Blogger.

Anyway, that means you get Wednesday’s post TODAY! HUZZAH

Two weekends ago, my mom and I traveled to Orlando for the Florida Writer’s Conference. It was spectacular. The people, the workshops, the fact that the hotel people come and clean up after you. So great.

The conference gave the huge head of steam; I was completely ready to start seeking out freelance jobs and take the writing world  by storm. It’s hard not to come away enthusiastic when you’re surrounded by people who aren’t patronizing when they ask what you are writing.

The problem was the after. I came back from the conference walking on literary air, only to find that real life was still going on. I still have a class to teach, a baby to feed, bills to pay. I can’t just lock myself in my room to write whenever I feel like it (which I did at the conference, often.

Add to that the intimidation factor. Many of the people at the conference have already been published. Some have worked as screenwriters, as ghost writers, as editors. They’ve worked in LA, London, New York. Some of them were younger than me. Not many, but some. I could have thrown a rock and hit six people who are leaps and bounds ahead of me in terms of experience. It’s hard to feel like you can compete when the only writing experience you have is as a blog owner and as a contributing blogger (once upon a time. When I was pregnant. It was interesting.). Oh and also as a “Hey, look at this. Is all the grammar right?” person.

Point being, In the week after the conference, I wanted to run and hide from writing forevermore. Then I sat up and said “Um, no. You finish this, wimp.”

So I have new goals. Good ones. Ones I cam hopefully keep.

1. Don’t be intimidated. They told JK Rowling Harry Potter was unpublishable…and she had zero “writing” experience.

2. Write 100 words a week. I get that this isn’t much. But the day job and the baby and the hubs and the everything else…it’s a good number for me.

3. Finish NaNoWriMo in 2012. I am not allowed to kill off characters simply because they annoy me.

4. Have a novel finished and ready to polish by April; ready to send to Agents by August.

Also, if you are an aspiring writer and you’ve never attended a writer’s conference, you need to. Now. Go sign up for one.


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