In the spirit of the Conference (which seems to have been around all month with progressively more excitement, now that I think about it) I would like to introduce two books that I bought at the conference.

The first is Linda terBurg’s The Incredible Book Launch. This is a step by step workbook for a DIY marketing plan. It is comprehensive, well-organized and well worth the read especially if you are publishing or being published for the first time. Set up as a nine month planning workbook, The Incredible Book Launch prepares the newbie author for the multitude of tasks in the first month, and then gives step-by-step instructions for what should be done when. It is an amazingly helpful, eye-opener.

The second is the FWA Collection #4 My Wheels. Every year the FWA gathers the best short stories and flash fiction around a given theme, and publishes them to benefit the FWA, members and non-members alike. Members, because those who are accepted for publication receive recognition and experience. Non-members because anyone who buys this book gets to read some great stories.  My Wheels, not surprisingly, carries the theme of wheels. Every kind of wheel imaginable, from ferris wheels to the wheel of life, with a great many surprises in between. I haven’t read all of it myself yet, so sssshhhh, no spoilers.


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