I’m in Orlando.

At my FIRST Writer’s Conference.

I may be squealing. On the inside.

Today was beautiful. So many amazing people, most of them further along the writing journey than I am, but that isn’t hard, considering I’m about fifty pages into my manuscript.

I got to spend time in few workshops, some awesome (Publishing Q&A explaining the various publishing routes), some not quite as awesome (2-parter on backstory. meh). I got to network like a big girl, which is a fancy word that means I got to chat with people and call it work.

I’m going in to tomorrow with more of a vision of where I want my writing to take me, more focus and more resolve.

For now, a few pictures from today:

Nope. WordPress, you disappoint me. Pictures tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Guess Where I Am?

  1. Glad you enjoyed the conference. I actually enjoyed the backstory workshop. It said a lot of what I already know, but in a way that helped clarify things. That will make it easier for me to teach others in the futures.

    It was great meeting you!


    1. I found part one of Backstory helpful too. But I opted out of part two, mostly because there were so many good workshops and, as always, not enough time. I did get some useful tools and ideas and will be incorporating them into my writing.


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