In two days and a wake up, Rai and I are hitting the road. Of course, we are leaving at O dark thirty, but we will not let that dampen our enthusiasm. Why, do you ask? What could make two normally (or perhaps nominally) sane people arise before the sun, pile into the car and head South? A writers conference, that’s what.

Friday marks the first day of the Florida Writers Association annual conference and we are going! Not only are there going to be several panel discussions, but the weekend is stuffed with an appetizing variety of workshops designed to feed every writer at every level. Plus, there will be actual FOOD! An entire weekend of writing, learning about writing and talking with other writers over plates of really good food! It’s like a cruise without the Dramamine.

Sort of.

Truth be known, it isn’t the food that draws me to writers conferences. It’s the writing. Not only do you get to meet other authors and share war stories (also known as networking), but the amount of knowledge gained from a good conference can be phenomenal. This year The Magic of the Pen is being held at the Orlando  Marriott Lake Mary. It is the first conference Rai has attended and the first one we’ve gone to together. We are, as she would say, super excited.

Details to follow on Monday.

Oh, as an aside: If you haven’t registered and you have the weekend free, it is not too late to go. Look here for a list of classes and here  to register. If you can track me down, I’ll buy you a drink. It shouldn’t be hard. I’ll be the one with an iPad in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Or you could just walk around shouting, “where’s the Brass Rag?” That way, I’ll find you. Or the police will. I’ll try to be quick.


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