I’m always on the look out for  writing tools. In particular I’m looking for a writing app that will give me access across platforms and uses. I need something that will not only allow me to write on the go, but edit and critique as well, tracking changes along the way. This week I found two of that I’d like to know more about.  (Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing either of these because I don’t know enough about them. I may or may not endorse them in the future, depending on what I learn.)

My first look see is at Scrivener. This looks like an excellent book processing system. I say book processing instead of word processing, because it really does appear to be set up for the way many authors work. There are electronic cork boards and index cards, the ability to work on individual chapters or scenes and then compile them in whatever order works best just for starters. Research can be kept in the same set of associated files and displayed/used side by side with the working text. My issue? Though there is a version for PC, it was originally designed for Mac, but I can’t find an iPad app. If I’m going to set off on a new writing adventure, I want something I can integrate across every writing platform I own. Still, it looks really cool and the price is not outrageous at $44.99.

Next up is Office2 HD. It seems to have every bell and whistle I could ask for, including the ability to track changes and full integration with Word as well as The Cloud. (I apparently have an account there, but I have no idea how to access it. At some point, it will probably be important to learn how, though, and I want to be ready.) The price is right at just $7.99 through the App Store on my iPad.

Both programs sound great, but, having been burned before by apps that promised the world and provided a blue marble, I want to be sure of choosing “the one” before transferring too much material and investing too much time.

If you’ve used either of these programs, please leave a note telling me about your experience. If you have a favorite writing app, leave a comment about it as well. I’m always open to suggestions. Meanwhile, happy writing.


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