Still in the middle of Dune. Seriously, this book is going to be the death of me. Also I’ve picked up The Great Gatsby, so maybe you’ll hear about that soon.

Today, I have very little to review. I could go over the past few weeks. It would look something like this:

Presidential Debate: Didn’t watch it. Caught the highlights from Jon Stewart. I’m politically savvy.

Guy Who Jumped From the Stratosphere: You should be dead. Like, seriously.

Meteor Shower that was supposed to happen a few nights ago: Y U NO Give me meteors?

Doctor Who Finale: MOFFAT!!!!!

Mostly I’ve been writing a lot and preparing for where I’m going this weekend. Do you know where I’m going? It’s somewhere magical. And New. And so very, very exciting. But I’m not telling yet.

Be warned though, there will be pictures. And possibly squealing.

What I’m reading: Dune; The Great Gatsby; Occasionally Parenting Magazine.


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