Today is October 12, 2012 and, by the looks of every store in the States, we have started the official slide into “The Silly Season,” as my husband calls it.

Now, lest you think me a curmudgeon, let me begin with the following: I love this time of year. I love the kids in costumes and carving pumpkins. I love the crisp cold (which in Florida lasts about a week, but still…) and the soft rain. Having the entire family around my Thanksgiving table satisfies me in way that few other things can. And I love, oh I do love the affection sharing, gift giving, tree decorating, carol singing month long feast of remembrance and celebration that is Christmas.

It just seems that, as the end of the year approaches, the annual train picks up speed even as our calendars pick up events: Halloween parties, Corn Maze visits and Trick or Treat outings add their various stops to the end of the year journey. Looking ahead we see baking, visiting and grocery shopping taking over our thankful hearts. Then comes a full plate of ethnic and religious holy-days. Kwanza, Christmas, Ramadan and Chanukkah pack up and move into December like a bunch of boisterous relatives, set for a month long visit which, though we will enjoy it, will wear us to the bone and leave us gasping on New Year’s beach in desperate need of a quiet weekend to recoup. Instead we get a nationwide party complete with Champaign, dropping balls, fireworks and, for many of us, way too much liquor. And then it’s January 2nd, 2013 and back to work.

So, may I encourage you to take your time this year? Regulate your calendar so that you can enjoy each event to the full without arriving at the end of the season wishing you could take a vacation. And, as we set out on the last leg of 2012, I hope this season is kind to you and fruitful in whatever way you hope for most.  Meanwhile, blessed be and happy writing.


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