Today I am a zombie.

And last night, I was chased by zombies.

And tomorrow, perhaps, I will watch a zombie movie and round out my undead weekend.

But probably not. Zombies are gross.

Last night, two friends surprised Hubs and I with tickets to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. We went twice in college, and so of course gave a resounding YES when they asked us to go.

Hubs wasn’t able to get off work, but pshaw! We are young and fancy-free! We can rabble-rouse all night and still be wide-awake and chipper for that 8am class day at the office!

And then it turns out that we can’t.

Poor Hubs dragged himself to work this morning, and when he called me at noon, I was fully convinced he would not make it through the rest of the day alive. The jury is still out. As for me? I managed to get a few hours of sleep before picking Munch up from the babysitter, but I am completely and totally unrecovered. I think I’m mostly dead.

It just got me thinking about how life flows. All the time, it’s making imperceptible little changes, minute differences in the day-to-day. Not even noticeable until one night at a party you have to spit your shot back into your chaser because seriously, gross. But hold on, wasn’t I able to totally hold my liquor, like two years ago? or three? or wait…how long ago was college?

True story.

I was upset, really, over the whole being a wreck after a night of carousing thing, and then I realized that, bittersweet as it is, I’m not nineteen anymore. I’m not old. Just twenty-five. But I’m a wife. And a mom. And an adult.  And that’s cool with me.

And I’m still going to Halloween Horror Nights next year.


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