Do you ever hear something that just resonates with you? It may enter through your ear or your eye, but it doesn’t stop there. Instead it burrows down into the depths of your spirit, takes up a lotus position and begins chanting its mantra, and, because that mantra rings clear and true, you listen. These three quotes hit me just that way when I first heard them, and I hope they will for you as well.

How often have you wanted to do something and been stopped, not by circumstances or shortages or other people, but by that tiny, nasty voice inside informing you of your shortcomings and rooting for you to fail? I’d wager most of us have fallen victim to our own “greatest critic” at some point or another. Today I challenge you to not only put your hand over the ugly begger’s mouth, but around his neck and strangle him once and for all. You have power over the walls you’ve built in your life, to allow them to exist or to knock them down. Choose well which ones you allow to stand.

My mother always said that choosing to do nothing is still a choice. I’ve added the following, “and doing nothing out of fear is rarely a good choice.” Taking risks can be scary. The truth is, you might lose. But oh, the truth is also that you might win.

And now for my favorite:

It speaks for itself and nothing I can add will improve on it. But I have to say, “Thank you Mr. Mandela.

Bye for now, and happy writing.


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