Sci-Fi Reading List. It’s back.

And you thought I’d never come back to this. Ha. I totally am.

The very first book I read in my Sci-Fi journey, before my seemingly-endless trek through Dune, was The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. It was technically a reread, since the book was assigned to me in my English class my freshman year of college.

I’ll admit, at first, I was very “eh” about the whole thing. There’s no discernible plot, and I really don’t care for stories that aren’t actually stories. I kept waiting for some sort of continuity, something linking these snippets of narrative together. Alas, except for one small moment toward the middle, that sort of seamless flow isn’t to be found on Bradbury’s Mars.

Instead, it’s a broader story, not focused on the characters, but on the overarching picture of Earth’s journey to it’s red neighbor. Bradbury takes us from the Martian civilization, the original inhabitants, through failed missions, through racial destruction, through shuttle after shuttle of settlers, until he ends with the idea that humans have become the real Martians.

The thing that is so wonderful to me about this whole book is that you don’t realize the meaning of the story until the very end. It takes you that long to realize the story behind the story, the point Bradbury is driving at. And really, it’s just fantastic.

As a side note, it took all I had not to review Angels Take Manhattan, the final farewell to Amy and Rory on the latest episode of Doctor Who. I didn’t though, because I think I might be in shock. I have to watch it again and let you know.

As another side note, if you haven’t watched Doctor Who, you need to do that. Like, now.

As ANOTHER side note, if you’re still reading along, we’re still in Dune. Forgive me. My thirteen month old thinks its cool not to sleep at night, and Dune is super heavy on only three hours of sleep.


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