This is the most relatable Ecard I have ever seen.

When I was a little girl and my father would send me to clean my room, it was not uncommon for him to walk in and find me reading a book I had just uncovered. Or just staring at something in a vacant sort of way.

Right now my living room wall is about 3/4 painted. Not the entire room. Just one of the walls. I literally painted just enough for us to put the entertainment unit back into place and left the rest.

I haven’t written a single line of fiction in a week, but my Pinterest account is ROCKIN.

I have a problem with distraction. Clearly.

I could examine this a little more in depth, talk about how society has breed a generation of kids who need to be constantly visually and aurally stimulated, who can’t sit still for any length of time, who have zero ability to focus unless their chilled out on Ritalin.

But really, this is my own problem. I cant blame society for this one. I can really only blame my own lack of motivation.

And that, in true distraction-fashion, is the point.

At some point, I have to put on my big girl panties and say “No more! It’s time to write an award winning novel! And paint my living room! And do my laundry!”

Not right now, though. These pins aren’t going to pin themselves.


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