I love poetry. I’ve seen the good stuff, and the bad stuff and I love it all. I love the way an author can pack a world of description and emotion into a three line Haiku. I love the elegance and weight of the epic, the lyricism and music in a ballad. I love to laugh at limericks and groan over truly awful puns.

Back in the day (I’m not sure which day, I think it was in the late 1800s) poetry was a respected, even celebrated, medium of expression. In the current era, however, it seems to have lost some of the public support it once enjoyed as a genre and I think that is sad. It’s sad because poetry makes us think, makes us feel, helps us to realize that we are not alone. Like a cool drink of water, it gives us a moment to pause and reflect before moving on. In its very brevity (most of the time) it allows us space to breath. So I hope you’ll join me in a re-visitation, in a moment to drink, think and breath.


2 thoughts on “Top Pics: Poetry

  1. I like poetry. Like to read it, like to write it, sometimes like to read it aloud.
    Are you on 20 lines or Less?
    Really nice site, which has some lovely contributions from lots of different people. Not all poetry, but some. You might like to check it out. (PS I stick my stuff on there too, but there is some good stuff, honest!)

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