I’m still midway through Dune and The Land That Time Forgot. Also the Book of Mormon, but that’s because I have missionaries in my neighborhood who are convinced that I will get a burning in my bosom if only I read enough.

I have told them they are wrong, but they persist.

Anyway. The Land That Time Forgot.

I have to admit, until this book, I wasn’t much impressed with Edgar Rice Burroughs. I’ve only ever touched his John Carter series, and while the story is good enough, the readability is somewhere between The Silmarillian and The Book of Mormon  something else I don’t want to read. It’s not that its complicated, its just that Mr. Carter doesn’t really do it for me. Although I quite like his dog.

Bowen Tyler, though? I dig him. And I don’t say that about just anyone. I don’t say that about anyone ever, actually.

He’s lovable and sincere and brave and a bit fumbling with women. I like that in a male protagonist.

Add to that the fact that the writing in TLTTF flows so very well, never plodding, never rushed, the female protagonist is delightfully spunky, and for reals, folks, it’s about to get all Jurassic Park up in this place. I’m loving it.

I’ve only just arrived at Caspak. The crew hasn’t even surfaced yet, but I’m dying to find out what happens.

If you’ve only just arrived, feel free to tell me how you really feel in the comments, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, all that jazz.

If you want to know more about what’s going on, look here, here and here.


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