I don’t know.

There, I said it and I stand by it. I just don’t know.

Years ago my father told me that people don’t really vote for the best candidate. Instead, they just try to pick “the lesser of two evils.” Sadly, it may be that he is not far wrong.

Every political commercial I see carries the same ominous warnings about how the other guy is going to ruin America. They talk about how the other guy is dishonest and deceitful and just plain wrong. And they do it under the thin disguise of, “addressing the issues.”

Now the media has joined in the ragged but persistent chorus of, “he’s lying.” “No, he’s lying!” Partial quotes and twisted references have all but completely replaced responsible reporting on both sides of the bias tape. Even my favorite new TV show is lobbing faux political certitude at me. HBO’s The Newsroom is at least genial about it though, adding the political commentary in as a side dish rather than making it the main course. Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) states unequivocally that he is a Republican, but he seems to find Obama irresistible, which puts a strain on his credibility. Still, most of what he has to say makes a strange sort of sense.

But I digress.

In the end it comes down to this; neither candidate gives me a warm fuzzy. The incumbent’s record on the economy, though not completely his fault, isn’t pretty. Bail outs don’t seem to be performing the miracles that were promised and the whole health care debacle is, well, a debacle.

On the other hand the challenger appears to have no workable plan for improving education and I’m not at all sure his economic policy will improve our situation any. I suppose I could completely jump ship and vote for Ron Paul.

So, I believe that brings me full circle.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Political Rag

  1. I find myself in the same situation. I find myself asking, “do I see genuine compassion in either mans’ heart?” The ad campaigns answer that for me. So I’ve decided noto support either. While that may leave me “voteless” for the rest of my life, I think it’s the only type of person worth supporting.

    Oh, really like the site by the way


    1. I agree. There are certain key issues which are of such import (education, for example) that I cannot support a candidate who doesn’t see clearly that these need to be a priority. Then there is the fact that I cannot be sure of the true values and intentions of either man. They spend more time and energy covering than revealing themselves honestly.
      Thanks for the comment and the compliment. Visit us again soon.


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