As an amateur blogger and fan of The Brass Rag, I am thrilled to be offered the opportunity to connect with and share my passion with such an amazing audience. It truly is an honor to be asked to be included in this blog.  I love my job as the Chief Seed Sower at Light of Mine and what we are doing to fight hunger worldwide.  I find myself passionately compelled to share what we do and why we do it with anyone that will listen.  So thanks for listening!

When I started Light of Mine, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world by creating a company with giving at its core.  I knew there were numerous and horrendous social injustices happening all around me, but that I wanted to focus the company’s resources on one.  I was overwhelmed as I began my search for the one cause that would become not only the foundation of the company’s mission, but the lasting legacy I’d hope to leave behind.  However, the decision was immediate after visiting the World Food Programme here.

Every single day 25,000 people die from a completely solvable problem.  To give you some perspective of just how large a number 25,000 is I’ve tried to break it down in more relatable tidbits.

  • The average person has 229 Facebook friends.  You’d have to gather 109 of your dearest virtual friends to reach 25,000 friends
  • It would take the average household in the USA just under 6 months to earn $25,000
  • 1 mile=2000 steps (avg.) You’d have to walk 12.5 miles before you took your 25,000th step
  • The average person eats 46 slices of pizza/year.  It will take 543 ½ years to eat 25,000 slices.


That’s 1 person every 3 seconds.

Wanting to create lasting and sustainable change, Light of Mine donates a pound of seed through our giving partners for every free-trade, American-made, organic tee we sell.  Still think you can’t make a difference?  Check out some of our seed math:

1 pound of pinto beans will feed 1800 people when its planted and harvested.

1 pound of pole beans feds 1350 people after planting and harvesting.

1 pound of rice once harvested will feed a family of four 3 times a day for 20 days.

One of my most memorable managers from my days “working for the man” used to say this all the time, and it’s true. So let’s work together to help Team World.

Light of Mine was created to help people who couldn’t help themselves and with your support we can continue to create a community of leaders, who passionately share our story, eagerly support our brand, and excitedly plant our seeds of hope where they are needed most.

Thank you for choosing to join us on this incredible journey!

Chief Seed Sower

Stat References:


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