Throughout history books have been burned by the Powers That Be, (whoever they are) mostly because the Powers didn’t like what The Writers had to say and/or they wanted to control what The People thought. So, for books, fire has traditionally been a bad thing. However, fire has good connotations too. Fire often represents  ideas and the spread of knowledge. Fire is, literally, a light in the darkness, just as a good book can be a light to the mind. Hence, the Fire Challenge.

Ok, so, here is the latest on The Fire Challenge. We have officially changed the format of this category from contests and polls to a sort of charitable co-op. The idea is to write a collaborative book about the collective “American Experience”, if there is such a thing (whether there is or not, we are about to find out). The proceeds from sales of the finished book will be donated to our local public libraries and we are hoping to eventually expand in order to provide support to libraries in other counties and even, hopefully, other states.

We have lined up our first guest post and are seeking participation on a second. We are also working on getting the word out through a number of promising venues.

If you would like to participate or you have questions, let us know by commenting on this post. For a complete run down on what we hope to accomplish, check out the Fire Challenge here. The match has been struck people; come join the bonfire.


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