I actually haven’t finished Dune. It’s really big.

Seriously, have you seen how big it is?

Says the girl who read Harry Potter 7 in 8 hours.

Here’ my excuse in regards to that, though. Harry Potter spoiled me. They are basically the most readable books ever, and when I had to pick up a fantasy/science fiction book written for a grown up, the twelve year old in me got eyes like dinner plates and said, “eff this.”

But I digress.

I’m about seventy to a hundred-ish pages in (I haven’t actually counted and it’s really far away and I’m eating cake.) and I’m LOVING it. Honestly, I am already seeing why this is considered one of the foremost works of modern science fiction. I don’t pretend I understand all the politics, or all of whats going on, but the Sandworms are pretty awesome and what exactly is the Spice and can this world produce water or not, because they’re making it seem like it can, but for serious, it’s a desert, right?

I need a compendium of all the answers so I can read the rest of the book in peace.

If you’re just joining in, here’s what I’m doing. To read my very first review in the series, look here. If you’re reading along, I’m still Dune-ing, but I also just picked up The Land that Time Forgot. 

Are you reading Dune? Have you already read Dune? What are your thoughts?


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