Its mid August and, all around the nation, people are preparing to return to school. Parents, teachers and students: all participate in the annual ballet of buying supplies and clothes, dusting off early morning routines and going to bed early.

Needless to say, after a summer of barefoot breezes, half day naps and sweet freedom, many students may find the change a bit jarring. Some teachers may find themselves similarly disconcerted. With that in mind, allow me to present the following words of comfort and encouragement:

Soft sand gives place to concrete corridors,

but the laughter is the same.

Sunlight slants through glass instead of leaves,

but friendships are reclaimed.

Tanning lotion may be covered by the dress code,

but the shoes are new.

The wheel has turned and its time to return,

to begin to build a future you.

So put down the shell and pick up the book,

Dust off the pencils and pens,

Its time for the alarm bell, the get dressed, the school bus,

Its time to start new, to forge ahead,

to read more and seek out.

Its time, in short, for school.


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