In honor of the end of summer (heavy sigh) and the beginning of a new school year (no comment), may I humbly offer these suggestions for your perusal. (Yes I did. I snuck in an SAT word. Get over it.)

Thank you  Mrs. Smoke at “Making Teachers Nerdy”, for providing us with such a helpful list of teacher friendly sites. Oddly enough, many of them come in very handy for writers as well, so double kudos!

This one I never can resist. Just love it. There is some profanity, but the message is a very good one.


And last, but certainly not least, a look at how we actually, well, to put it bluntly, LEARN. Its not as straightforward as you might think.







2 thoughts on “Top Pics: Education

    1. Thanks! In an odd sort of way, both. These days I teach high school English, but I’m of the opinion that life long learning is a healthy way to live. Even though I officially graduated from college in 2007 i consider myself a student of creative writing, and very often, of life.


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