Best advice on creating standout characterization “in two moves.” Elizabeth Sims, 10 Fast Hacks for Fiction Writers, Writers Digest, September 2012

“Give each character a distinctive physical trait. Memorable traits include: remarkably large hands, a graceful gait, a perpetual stoop, iridescent auburn hair, thick glasses.

Give each character a distinctive psychological trait. Consider a persona that is: extremely competitive – even in trivial matters, serenely calm – no matter what, willing to die for her cause, insecure about not having a college degree, vain about his wealth.

Alternate showing the two traits you’ve chosen the first few times we meet the character. Doing so will create a mental anchor for your readers.”

Best advice on Publishing your novel: Rick Feeney, What’s Happening in Publishing, FWA Spring Mini-Conference, April 2012

Publish in every possible format. E-book, paper & ink, audio. Making your book available to as many different types of readers as possible is a key component of success. (paraphrase)

Best advice on selling your novel online: Jim Thompson, Sell More Books Online, FWA Spring Mini-Conference, April 2012

Don’t try to sell your book. Help others; be kind, approachable and involved. In presenting yourself this way, readers will be interested in you, and thereby interested in your work. (paraphrase)

Best advice on building your author platform: Sharon Y. Cobb, Marketing Seminar, UNF, 2012

Integrate all your accounts so that they feed into one another. Link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. By doing so you cut your work in half and all the parts support each other. (paraphrase)

My best advice to you: Keep your balance. Life is difficult enough without trying to run it on two wheels. Family, Friends, Faith, Work and Passion all have their part and you can’t short change any one of them for long without the rest paying a price. Perhaps the pieces of your life have different names, but the need for balance between the parts remains the same.


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