Recently my goal has been going back to school. I often joke that I went to college at got my AA and my MRS degrees, and while I was content with it at the time, I want to improve my craft and simply have the accomplishment of my BA.


Finances aren’t exactly great in the Yates household. My husband is still trying to get his degree and even though I qualify for government money (my favorite kind), it isn’t enough to cover the hefty price of the online degree.

Taking that into consideration, I still wanted to find a way to improve my writing. So I pulled up my BFF Google and typed “Free online writing classes.” There was desperation involved, because seriously, who just gives college-level courses away?

Turns out, quite a few people.

At least ten universities, among them MIT (yes, that MIT) and Purdue (yes, that Purdue.) offer FREE online writing courses, in everything from basic fiction writing to poetry to proofreading. You can find the list here. AND, if you’re REALLY on your game, you can prepare a portfolio of your work for these (again, free) classes and have them reviewed at a college by a faculty expert. If he likes what he sees, he can award you actual college credit. For Free! Really!

I feel like I really have no excuse anymore not to pursue my education. So here I am, ready to embark on my (free) college (ish) journey. Does this sound like cheating? Does it sound genius? Does it sound fake? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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