As you may have noticed, our blog has undergone a startling metamorphosis. I’d really like to know how you feel about it, so do me a favor and leave a comment. No, wait, don’t stop reading. Wait until you’re finished and THEN leave a comment.

Anyway, most of the credit for this transformation, and not completely coincidentally the subject of this post, goes to Novel Publicity, a website which asks indie authors to let them, “take your book to new heights.” They offer tools for every aspect of the writing game, from craft honing articles to marketing techniques. One of the most useful components of the latter category is the blog evaluation. Ours was conducted by Vicky Torzsok with the thoroughness and perspicacity of an AC guiding a 747 to a safe landing in a thunderstorm. Ok, you might think that’s a little hyperbolic, but have you seen the new Brass Rag? I rest my case.

In the kindest way possible, Vicky pointed out what we were doing wrong, and, just as importantly, what we were doing right. She mentioned things I never would have thought of, but which were brilliant, like putting a menu up front and center rather than in the sidebar, offering previews instead of full posts on the home page and reworking the sidebar to avoid viewer overload.

Her input has led us to create two new menu categories: Top Pics and The Challenge. Top Pics will post on Tuesdays and will be devoted to our favorite new sites for the week. I expect that the sites will often, though not always, have something to do with literature and/or the craft of writing. Actually with Rai, it could be almost anything as she has an absolute talent for finding great stuff on the web. Me, not so much, but I’ll do my best.

The Challenge will post on Thursdays and may only run twice a month. The posts will be devoted to contests, surveys and other fun stuff of an interactive nature.

As always, your participation and input is actively encouraged. We want to know what you think. So, post your comment. Yes, now. And happy writing.


4 thoughts on “Novel Take

    1. It really did help a lot. We’re already seeing an increase in traffic, which we hope will continue moving forward. Thanks again for your help!


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