Retirement Speech

There are moments in life that you must stop and take note of, not because you will forget them, but because they will never come again.

Last week, my husband of twenty-three years brought to a close some twenty-eight years of service in the United States Navy. In celebration of this considerable achievement, family from several disparate parts of the country came to visit. It was wonderful! We had dinners, took tours, drank wine and generally enjoyed each other’s company for nearly two weeks. Now everyone has gone home and it’s just us two again and I am sitting here turning over memories like snapshots in my mind’s eye.

My Mom, standing in the kitchen and talking with me while I sautéed vegetables for pasta sauce.

Dinner with “La Familia”

Titi Bunny “grilling” my youngest daughter about her new boyfriend over dinner.

Rai playing “pass the baby” with a group of appreciative relatives on the trolley tour.

Vic’s last conversation with Titi O.

Pass the Baby!

Two weeks is a hefty chunk to take out of a writing schedule but when you are paying tribute to the love and pride you feel for a man who has given so much, not only to his country, but to his family, it feels more like a tiny drop of time. That said, there were moments when, I must admit, I fretted a bit over this “lost time.” And then I remembered the truth:

Time is a coin you can only spend once. Cherish every moment and spend it well.

Time spent enjoying your family is never wasted.

Love is the highest priority of a well ordered life.

Conversation with Titi O

And, as I recall these lessons, I sigh, and am content. May you also be content with how you spend your time and, as always, happy writing.


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